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2018/11/05 23:26:06 (permalink)

Vinyl for sale

im getting rid of some records as job lots soon.
collection preferred. pm offers if there's any individual ones you want.
im going to list them here as and when I sorted them before putting them up elsewhere 

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    Re: Vinyl for sale 2018/11/07 20:42:57 (permalink)
    2DB (2), Swamp Monster & Jungle Whore    42 Gun Badboy / Jumbo Fish Cake
    3 Way   Appreciation / Price Of Fame
    3 Way   Appreciation / Price Of Fame
    50 Pence (2) / Frozen Monkeys   Volume 1
    Absolute Zero + Subphonics         The Code / Fugitive
    Adam F 8Ball / Original Junglesound (TC Remix)
    Adam F & J Majik             Metrosound
    Adam F / Fresh  The Original Junglesound EP
    Adam Freeland  We Want Your Soul (Remixed)
    Adam Freeland  We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)
    Akala (2)              Bulls#!t (Chase & Status Remix)
    Aladdin  Mash Up You Know Remix / Woman That Rolls
    Aphrodite & Micky Finn Bad Ass! (Remixes)
    Artificial Intelligence       Uprising / Through The Gate
    Artificial Intelligence       Desperado / Movin On
    Artificial Intelligence       The Big Picture / Shinkansen
    Artificial Intelligence / Q Project Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 1 (Album Sampler)
    Atlantic Connection         Alliance Amen / Relapse
    Atlantic Connection         Rocksteady / Burning Blue
    Audio Bullys / Ray Keith Bang Bang (Ray Keith Mix)
    Autumn (8)         Transmute / Dilated Times
    Bad Company     Rush Hour / Blind
    Bad Company     Rush Hour / Blind
    Bad Company     Ad Infinitum
    Bad Company     Ad Infinitum
    Baron    Effortless Chic / School Disco
    Baron / The Alternative (2)           Operation Pipe Dream / Plain Sailing
    Baron / The Alternative (2)           Half Light, Half Life / Generation Generator
    Baron Feat. Pendulum (3)             Guns At Dawn
    Baron vs. Fresh  Super Nature
    Beenie Man        Dude (DJ Zinc Remix)
    Ben Westbeech & DJ Die              Get Closer
    Benny Page / Rhythm Beater       Sneaker Pimp / Troublemaker
    Benny Page / Visionary Feat. Peter Ranking          Turn Down The Lights / Soundboy Burial
    Black Sun Empire / Dance4Life    Cruel & Unusual Album Sampler
    Black Sun Empire / Jade (10)        Endangered Species (Part Two)
    Black Sun Empire Ft. Optiv / Skynet          Insiders / Hydroflash
    Blame    Diablo / Indestructable
    Blame    Thunder Run / Beholder
    Blame    Tyrant / Prophecy
    Blame    Solar Burn / Solar Burn VIP
    Blame    Artificial Environment / Wavelength
    Bloc Party            The Prayer (Break & Silent Witness Remix)
    Blu Mar Ten        Believe Me / Made Of Air
    Break     Cold Sweat / The Vacuum
    Break     Follow The Heat / External
    Break     No Company / The Uprising
    Break / Calyx & Teebee  Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Remix) / The Quest (Break Remix)
    Breakbeat Era    Ultra Obscene / Our Disease Tera
    Brockie & Ed Solo            System Check / Mind Overload
    Brockie & Ed Solo            System Check / Mind Overload
    Bungle / DJ Marky & Bungle         Resized / 13th Floor
    Cabbie   Waiting For / In The Black
    Capone Tudor Rose / Submerge
    Capone Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix) / Fusion
    Capone Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix) / Fusion
    Capone Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix) / Fusion
    Capone Whirlwind / Snoot
    Cause 4 Concern              Sky Harbour / Tracker
    Chase & Status   Love's Theme / Wise Up (Remix)
    Chase & Status   The Druids EP
    Clipz       Banshee / Return To The Temple
    Clipz       Trumpet / Wake Up Call
    Clipz       Cocoa / Jiggy
    Clipz       Supa Ugly / Funk Physics VIP
    Clipz       Supa Ugly / Funk Physics VIP
    Clipz       Thinking Forward / Vertigo
    Clipz       Hold Tight / Kung Fu
    Clipz       No Games / Real Moves
    Contour               Backward Motion / Wisdom
    Contour               Angels In Shadows / Now Or Never
    Contour               Helsinki Sunshine / Unwind
    Crystal Clear (2) Killer / Spanish Harlem
    Crystal Clear (2) Lets Get Started / Original Riddim
    Crystal Clear (2) & Netsky / Crystal Clear (2)          King Of The Stars / Dolomite
    Cubist    Memory Lapse / Nautilus
    Culture Shock (2)              City Lights (Original Dub)
    Cyantific              Disconnected b/w The Serpent
    Cyantific + Logistics         Flashback / Can't Let Go
    D Product & Surge (5)     Bounce The Bass / Made The Switch
    Dan Marshall      Crazy
    Darren B              Get A Job / Red Hot
    David WS / Nifty (3)         Dona Do Primeiro Andar / The Latin Connection
    deadmau5 + Kaskade      I Remember
    Dee3Dee / Devize + Cru Memba Krayzee / Hard To Find
    Die & Clipz          Monorail / Fresh Evidence
    Die & Clipz          Good Old Days / Black Doves
    Die & Clipz          Number 1 / Climate Change
    Digital   Dubsativa EP
    Digital & Spirit    Phantom Force / Backlash
    Dillinja   Cybotron
    Dillinja   Here Comes Trouble (LP Sampler Volume Two)
    Dillinja   Live Or Die / South Manz
    Dillinja   Live Or Die / South Manz
    Dillinja   All The Things / Forsaken Dreams
    Dillinja   In The Grind / Acid Trak (Lemon D Remix)
    Dillinja   Feel My Pain / In The Grind V.I.P
    Dillinja   The Dillinja EP
    Dillinja   96 Thing / Electroboogie
    Dillinja & Lemon D           Big Bad Bass
    Dillinja & Lemon D           Big Bad Bass
    Distorted Minds                Lookin For Us? / Let It Roll
    Distorted Minds                Ouch!
    Distorted Minds                Road Rage / Another Fight
    Distorted Minds                Searching / Impulse
    Distorted Minds                Revolution / Revolution VIP
    Distorted Minds                No Test / Old Times
    Distorted Minds                T-10 / The Tenth Planet
    Distorted Minds Presents T.C. (2)              Jump / Flatline
    DJ Die Ft. Ben Westbeech             Slow Burn / The Reasons Why
    DJ Friction & Baron         Butt Ugly Martians / Hanger Lane
    DJ Friction / DJ Kontrol   Kingz Of The Rollers EP 'The Mix CD' Sampler 2
    DJ Hazard            All The Way EP
    DJ Hazard            Radius / Restless
    DJ Hazard            No More Games EP
    DJ Hype Original Foundation EP
    DJ Hype Playaz4Real
    DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman      Dub Plate Killa / Look To The Future
    DJ Marky & XRS Featuring Stamina MC   LK 'Carolina Carol Bela'
    DJ Phantasy, DJ Mayhem & Steve Gurley / Weva How It Is (Generation Dub Remix) / Show Stoppa
    DJ Pleasure (2)   The Killing Curse / New York City
    DJ Red   Mad P.L.O
    DJ SS      The S-Files Part 1 (RMX Files)
    DJ Zinc   Steppin Stones / South Pacific
    DJ Zinc   Drop Beats Not Bombs
    DJ Zinc   Steppin Stones (Zinc And Friction Remix) / Mistral
    DJ Zinc   Faster
    DJ Zinc   Reach Out / Pranksters
    DJ Zinc Feat. MC Eksman              Drive By Car
    Dope Skillz          6 Million Ways / Yo Son
    Dope Skillz          Pink Panther / Bad Break
    Dr. Octagon        Aliens
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith     The Odyssey / Body Movin'
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith     Get Through / Dangerous
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith     Get Through (Distorted Minds Remix) / Vicious
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith     Tinman / Palamino
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith     Cold Turkey / Stories Of The Future
    Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith / Roni Size              Street Technique Album Sampler
    Drunken Masters             Jazz Funk (Baron Remix) / 22-74
    Ed Rush & Optical            Funktion / Naked Lunch
    Ed Rush & Optical            Remixes Vol. 1
    Ed Rush & Optical / Universal Project       Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) / Vessel
    Electrosoul System          No One Knows / To See The Stars
    Electrosoul System & Subwave   One / Out There
    Electrosoul System / Abstract Elements   Deep Structures EP Pt. 1
    Eveson  Late Night Special / Solstice
    E-Z Rollers           Dust (2004 Remix) / Rhyme & Punishment (Distorted Minds Remix)
    E-Z Rollers / Tommy Knocker       Lickable Beats Part 1
    Fierce / Break    In Limbo / Hooligan
    Foreign Concept               Make Meals EP
    Fresh     Escape From Planet Monday
    Fresh     Submarines
    Fresh     Cactus Funk '02
    Fresh     Twister / Capture The Flag
    Fresh / DJ Trace / Vegas (2)          Mutated For 200X
    Fresh Feat. Mary Byker  Nervous / Sub Focus Remix
    Fresh Feat. Mary Byker  Nervous / Sub Focus Remix
    Fresh Featuring MC Darrison       All That Jazz
    Future Prophecies / Kos (4) & Tenchu      Rave On / Last Days
    Generation Dub December
    Generation Dub Sexy Beast E.P.
    Generation Dub Give It To Me / Pervert
    Generation Dub Up In Smoke EP
    Generation Dub Voodoo Doll / Mars Attacks
    Generation Dub Transmission / Raw Hide
    Generation Dub / Generation Dub & Jaydan         The Black Widow / Sammurai
    Generation Dub / Taxman (2)      Flute Thing (Remix) / The Rebate
    Generation Dub / Taxman (2)      Flute Thing (Remix) / The Rebate
    Generation Dub / Taxman (2)      Buss Up / Your Dead
    Generation Dub / Taxman (2)      The Omen / Dub Inspector
    Heist      Impala / Ambush V.I.P
    Heist      Don't Hold Back / Jazz Time
    Heist      Plan B / Eastenders
    Henree & Eveson             Lomo / Superstition
    High Contrast     Make It Tonight / Mermaid Scar
    High Contrast     Racing Green
    Hive & Gridlok    Standing Room Only / Event Horizon
    Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok       Welcome To Violence LP Sampler
    Icicle      Spartan / Hang On
    Ill Logic & DJ Raf               White Noise EP
    Influx UK             It's Love / Rock
    IQ Collective       Mode.1. / A.P.B.
    J Majik & Wickaman        Swallow Ya Soul / Zombie
    J Majik & Wickaman        The Ritual / Old Headz
    J Majik Vs. Hatiras            Spaced Invader
    Jade (10)              Pump Friction
    Jaydan   Paranoia / Rise Up
    Jaydan   Rush Hour / Connected
    Jenna Gibbons    Quick Love / Rising
    John B   Visions
    John B   Blandwagon Poos
    J-Raq     Waiting For The Bass
    Kamanchi            Circus / Ultimate
    Kenny Ken           Everyman Remixes
    Kevin Ranks        Jung Spm / Mps Gnuj
    Kilo (3)  Scum City / Muddy Waters
    Kilo (3)  Blinded / Push & Pull
    Klute      Divinity / Hang With Me
    Kosheen               Hide U (Decoder & Substance Remixes)
    Krust      Follow Da Vision / Paper Monster
    Krust      Malice / Manipulation
    Krust      Angles / Not Necessarily A Man
    Krust      Warhead / Maintain (TC Remixes)
    Kubiks & Lomax Speak Life
    Kubiks & Lomax Showdown / Nature Cure
    Lemon D / E-Z Rollers     The Drum + Bass Fiesta Remixes . 2
    Logistics              Jungle Music / Toytown
    Lomax (2)            Artisan / Profiler
    Lomax (2)            Palomar / Safebuster
    Lomax (2)            Brain Freeze EP
    Lynx (7) & Fatal (3)          B Box Roller / The Fonze
    Lynx (7) Feat. Ciah           Disco Dodo / Wonder
    MA4       Step Into Our World / Bull Terrier
    Mampi Swift       The Long Life EP
    Mampi Swift       Hi-Tek (DJ Friction Remix) / Drunken Stars
    Mampi Swift       Second Strike / Lost Angels
    Mampi Swift       Music Forever Promo 2
    Mampi Swift       Transformers EP: Decepticons
    Martino Feat Sacha Williams       Peace Of Heaven
    Mask     Square Off / Freedom
    Mask     Square Off (Roni Size Remix) / Bad Mutha
    Matrix + Danny Jay          Telepathy / Domino
    Michael Jackson               Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix)
    Mikal     Highway / Distance
    Mikal     Just Disappears
    Mindscape (2) / Hydro (6)            Skid Row / Afterburner
    Misanthrop         Bullhead / Defection
    Misanthrop         No Quantise EP
    Moving Fusion & Eddy Woo        Black Hawk Down / Skankin Dub
    Mulder  Don't Give A Damn / Can I Count It Off
    Mulder  Don't Give A Damn / Can I Count It Off
    Mutt      Off The Cuff / Over
    Nasty Habits       Kingz Of The Rollers EP ('The Mix CD' Sampler 1)
    Nightwalker        Head Nod / Suspense
    Nocturnal (5)      Pokerface / Been So Long
    Nocturnal (5) / Catacomb (2)       Paralyzed / Filthy Fucking Faces VIP
    Noisia    End Game / Unveil
    Noisia & Teebee               Shower For An Hour / Moon Palace
    Noisia / Gridlok  Facade (VIP) / Skanka
    Noisia / The Upbeats / Phace / Cause 4 Concern  Sacrifice / Dead Air
    Noisia / The Upbeats / Phace / Cause 4 Concern  Sacrifice / Dead Air
    Nymfo (2)            Space Tourist / Magnetic Field
    Pendulum (3)     Tarantula / Fasten Your Seatbelt
    Peshay  Miles From Home
    P-Funk   Serious Sounds / Seductive Thoughts
    Phace    Hot Rock (VIP) / Brainwave (VIP)
    Phace / Chris.Su                Above The Game (Album Sampler)
    Profound Noize Soundscape / No Way Out
    Q Project             In 2 Deep
    Q Project             Divided We Stand (Zero T Remix) / Reptile TV
    Raiden   Bare Knuckle Fight / Psycho
    Random Movement / Squash (4)               Scotch Bonnet / P Style
    Rawhill Cru / Bad Company          Mo' Fire / Nitrous (Remixes)
    Rebel MC            Exodus / Mystical Vibration
    Resonant Evil     Troubleshoot / Salamol
    Robot Redford / Chaos Theory (2)             Bonfire Youth / Blue Lagoon
    Roni Size              Snapshot
    Roni Size              Snapshot 3
    Roni Size              Sound Advice / Keep Strong
    Roni Size              Playtime /  Eat My Shorts
    Roni Size              Siren Sounds (Ray Keith Remix) /At The Movies (Drumsound + Simon 'Bassline' Smith Remix) - Touching Down Remixes Part 1
    Roni Size              (With) Out Of Breath / Shoulder To Shoulder
    Roni Size              No More
    Roni Size              It's Jazzy (Nu Tone Remix)
    Roni Size & DJ Die            It's A Big Up Ting / It's A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remixes)
    Roni Size / Krust               The Snapshot Remixes
    Roni Size / Reprazent      Watching Windows
    Roni Size / Reprazent      Watching Windows
    Roni Size / Reprazent      Who Told You
    Rufige Kru           Monkey Boy / Special Request
    S.P.Y.     Ghost Ship / Silent Sleeper
    Saburuko             A Darker Side / Solstice
    Sam Snee            The Republic / Spider
    Scorpio Trouble / Division One
    Serum & Bladerunner      Snake Fist / Gunshots
    Serum & Northern Lights / Foreign Concept         Watch Out / Possessive
    Serum (2)            Pass The Buck / Go For Yours
    Shy FX & T Power             Feelings
    Shy FX & T Power Feat. Top Cat  Everyday (Chase & Status Remix)
    Silent Witness    Poster Girl EP
    Spirit      Sign Of The Times / Temporary Insanity
    Spirit      Mind2Mind / Smokescreen
    Spirit      Final Chapter (The Alternative Ending) / Raygun (V.I.P)
    Spirit      Untitled
    Spirit / Digital     Raygun / Ras '78
    Splittin' Atoms   Bulletproof Monk / Bone Crusher
    Splittin' Atoms   Rug Munchers / Red Roy
    Spree     I Want You
    State Of Mind (8)             Sunking (Chris SU Remix) / Rise And Fall
    Sub Focus            Acid Test / Get On Up
    Subterra               Steppaholic / Serengeti
    Surge (5)              Working Out
    Swabe featuring Lean (3)              Camouflage / Skintflint
    Swan-E & Dope Ammo   Shamboozie
    T Tech / Joe Ashworth    The Chase (Remix) / Phantasm
    T.C. (2)  Let's Go / New Year
    T.C. (2) & Distorted Minds / Heist & Studio 12      Compton / Creeping Dub
    Tantrum Desire  The Breakthrough E.P
    Taxman (2)          Evasion Remix
    Taxman (2) / Jaydan        Transmission VIP / Wasted
    Teebee  Not The One / Step Up
    Telemetrik           My Lightyear: Act One
    The Future Sound Of London / Mariah Carey        Papua New Guinea (Wicka Remix) / It's Like That (Wicka Remix)
    The Qemists       Iron Shirt / Let There Be Light
    The Streets         Don't Mug Yourself
    The X     Turn Da Lites Down / New Dawn V.I.P.
    Tommy Boy (2) & Distorted Minds            Love & Happiness / In Da City
    Top Buzz              Living In Darkness (Remixes)
    Total Science      Squash Remixes
    Total Science      Good Game
    Total Science      Borderline 2000 / Jungle Jungle
    Total Science      Borderline 2000 / Jungle Jungle
    Total Science      Defcon 69 / Loose Ends
    Total Science & Baron    Monkey See, Monkey Do / Big Deal
    Total Science & Baron / Q Project             Monkey See Monkey Do (Baron Remix) / Nightmoves (Clips Remix)
    Twisted Individual            April
    Twisted Individual            November
    Twisted Individual            The F Word / Swab Test
    Twisted Individual            Pull My Finger / Food Rope
    Twisted Individual            The Cannibal Lunch EP
    Twisted Individual            Galloping Elephant / Studio Belly
    Twisted Individual & DJ Spice      Back 2 Basics Meets Grid (Part 2)
    Unknown Artist / Tommy Boy (2)              Driver / The Old Texaco Garage VIP
    Utah Saints         Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix)
    Various Sektor Five
    Various Raizin' Hell Part 2 EP
    Various Bingo Allstars Vol. 1
    Various Four Seasons. Winter EP
    Various 3rd Planet E.P.
    Various Big, Bad & Heavy EP - Part 1
    Various Oddball / 3 Of A Kind
    Various Verano / Arachnophobia
    Various Still Smokin
    Various DPK EP 1
    Various DPK EP 3
    Various The Remix EP
    Various Nasty Alien Bass Job EP
    Various Darklight
    Various Ram Raiders Vol. 04
    Various Reformatted E.P. Volume One
    Various Guerrilla Warfare
    Various Shogun Assassins Vol 2
    Various Subtitles 50 Part 1
    Various Subtitles 50 Part 1
    Various Fast Lane Volume 2
    Various Brockie, Ed Solo & DJ Kane Present: Pure
    Vicious Circle (3) / Nocturnal (5) Shredder / Cross The Line
    Voyager (3) & Ed Rush    Baracuda Part 1
    Wickaman & Sylo             Bionic Dub /  The Navigator
    You Don't Need To Know / Devize & Karen G        Call It Anything / Spag Bog
    You Don't Need To Know / DJ Steppa       Mad Dog (DJ Hazard VIP) / Can't Resist
    Zen         Kebab Knife / Illusions
    Zen         Monster Munch / T-Rex
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