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2018/08/03 14:09:04 (permalink)

Records for sale

(1) I’m near Oxford, might be traveling to London, but haven’t got PayPal set up, so unless people want to do bank transfer, probably easiest to pay cash in person.
(2) Not going to ask for silly prices, but make any offers sensible please. The stuff I’m listing represents (part of) a 25 year collection. Been living abroad for nearly 5 years and planning on moving even further away, my collection is gathering dust in my mum’s attic, and she wants it shifted, and I haven’t got time for eBay or discogs so I’m going to list some things I think might be of interest.

First box I’ve opened is MoWax and Ninja Tune (all OG pressings). Any titles people are after to save me typing it up? Headz boxed sets, DJ Krush stuff, Shadow, UNKLE, some DJ Vadim, Isolationist, Herbaliser, ninja comps, Bonobo... all that stuff.

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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 14:12:14 (permalink)
    Also got ‘90s jungle, lots of golden age rap, and some deep dubstep if I can find the right boxes (20+ to dig through).
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 14:46:23 (permalink)
    I’m interested but you’re gonna need to do a list m9.
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 15:13:02 (permalink)
    found a box with these:

    Everything but the girl “blame” (Fabio, Grooverider & J Majik remixes)
    Danny Breaks vibrations LP
    DJ Teebone the backbone EP
    DJ C Billy Jungle single
    Voyager collect call single (Dee Jay)
    Tango understand single
    Peshay piano tune (2nd press I think? EDIT: first press, but not the “actual” promo)
    Photek ufo/Saturn
    T-Power mutant jazz og
    Oblivion night windows/lush
    Photek the Chinese single
    Invisible Man stormfields whitelabel GLR sleeve
    Outside to forgive but not forget single
    Johnny Osborne chopstick dubplate
    Bad man war for 94 single
    something by Voyager on luckyspin
    Hype/Zinc mistakes of the past/play the game
    Parallax aquamarine/deep purple (x2!)
    Ils & Solo timeless 026
    Mix Race & Proton roll with it/kings (Timeless)
    AMR maniac white
    Looney Toonz natty ted
    Dancing Djedi lion youth
    Congo Natty abba white
    Rob Andrews length and strength single
    Art of Noise legacy smokey joe mixes
    Lick Back organisation manic musik
    D’Cruze watchout remix
    D’Cruze lonely/chronic breaks
    Congo Natty/Xproject dubplate 2
    Dk DJ Lee manipulate the universe (just that plate from Sektor 5)
    DJ Marky Brazilian job single with the Cosmonautics remix with a fucking weird name
    Loon bring out your fear Hidden agenda remix
    Mayhem blue notez
    White label Legend 014
    Break Peshay cocktail white
    Valve bongo rock/Aquarius
    Valve 12.01/violent killer
    Foul Play total control/stepper
    Dj hype trooper remixes
    Plug cut
    Plug 1, 3
    Players Fir Real Ep1 zinc, hype, pascal
    Sharp shooter ep plate C/D with revolution
    Hardleaders 6 jungle dub comp
    Soul Jazz rumble in the jungle comp
    Studio Pressa relics/press iii
    Photek PTK white, a double of resolution
    Photek resolution/first sequence
    Photek touching down/physical
    Photek water margin/fusion
    Photek ni ho ichi... that one
    Photek rain/into 90s metal heads white
    Dillinja TEST so damn tuff
    Undercover Agent dubplate circles majustrate remix
    Black gold of the sun 4-Hero remix white with press release
    Rollin’ 4 plate A with Ray Keith eastern promise
    Realm Of Manic 5 on it sampling jungle white
    Street Beats 06 white promo (Peshay? Source direct?)
    Peshay on the war path
    Source direct the crane
    Invisible man bell tune (2nd press)
    Flat liner big bang
    3rd party screw face hardcore remix
    repress of Alex Reece the groove/Underwolves under your sky
    Danny breaks dislocated sounds lp
    Dj crystal warp drive
    Dj crystal warp drive remix
    Adam F colours lp
    Metal heads platinum breaks lp
    Renegade selector jungle renegades 1 (4 plates)
    Leviticus burial
    D’cruze Cruise control lp
    Firefox 4tree warning
    SystemX eye01 say it
    Solo Aura take heed Mowax
    Peshay/Dillinja real thing/in the mood Mowax 12
    EVA oddly godly single Ninjatune
    Seba & Lotek sonic winds/so long single
    Unit 1 theme/your mind Creative Wax 12"
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 15:16:04 (permalink)
    I’m interested but you’re gonna need to do a list m9.

    Yeah, it’s hot, laborious work though :(
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 16:59:24 (permalink)

    Buckshot lefonque music evolution (DJ Premier remix)
    Pete Rock soul brother beats
    Pete ft The UN nothin’ lesser
    Jurassic 5 EP (their first release)
    Jurassic 5 quality control instrumentals
    Jurassic 5 jayou single
    KMD Mr Hood
    Viktor Vaughn VV2
    MF Doom dead bent 12”
    KMD instrumentals
    MF Grim tick tick (with Doom) single
    DJ Kool let me clear my throat single
    Crooklyn Clan vs DJ Kool let me clear my throat remixes
    Kurious a constipated monkey LP
    Kurious uptown shit 12”
    Kut Masta Kurt masters of illusion partners confused single (Kool Keith & Motion Man)
    Big Kwam verbalise single
    Lo Down fright night single (rare!)
    Main Source lookin’ out the front door single
    White Men Can’t Rap inc Main Source fakin’ the funk
    Main Source breaking atoms LP
    The Legion jingle jangle single
    MixMaster Mike anti theft device LP
    Mos Def black in both sides lp
    People Under The Stairs next step LP
    PUTS sally remix single
    PUTS rhyming with the bonz single
    Punjabi MC mundian... knight rider!
    OutKast way you move/hey ya single
    OutKast stankonia lp
    OutKast auqemini lp
    Prince Paul psychoanalysis lp
    Ali Dee bring it on single
    ATCQ find a way
    ATCQ award tour
    Beastie Boys ill communication, Paul’s boutique, hello nasty lps
    Boogie Monsters recognized thresholds of negative stress single
    Brand Nubian wake up/the bomb single
    Chill Rob G court is now in session single
    The Beatnuts props over here single
    The Beatnuts off the books white single
    Biz Markie vapours remix single
    Cenobites lp
    Company Flow little Johnny from the hospital
    Lords Of The Underground funky child single
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 17:39:32 (permalink)

    Innerzone orchestra people make the world go round single KDJ remix
    Moodymann untitled single, clear wax
    Moodymann just another nigga single
    Moodymann I’d rather be lonely single
    Moodymann technologystolemyvynil
    Caribou swim LP
    Daphne edits volume 2
    Daphne yes, I know single
    Gregory Porter 1960 oppolopo remix RSD single
    Aera silver&Black ep
    Madteo Pittman, Kassem Mosse, Shake Shakir mixes
    MCDE rawcuts 1-6 first press
    Plastikman plastique single
    Global Communication the way single
    Da Sampla westside sessions red vinyl
    Rahaan saucy lady touch it remix single
    Sei A you can bring EP Axel Boman remix
    Syclops ive got my eye on you (Maurice Fulton) lp
    Alice Smith love endeavour og single Maurice Fulton remix
    Various Production lost/in this
    Mr Scruff get a move on/ugh
    White Man & Arab future moves EP
    Gunnar Haslam mimesiak LP
    Fela Kuti shakara Ossies bump single
    Autonomous Africa tabou for the people single JD Twitch/Sofrito
    Autonomous Africa II single inc midland “checkbob”
    Mark E smiling/for love single
    Nephews Of Fela Uhuru mashup single
    Floating Points vacuum boogie EP
    Theo Parrish slowly surely og single sided promo
    Theo Parrish solitary flight og promo
    Rainer Trueby Ayers Rock/know you
    Zero dB bongos bleeps baselines single
    Pillow talk edits real thing
    St Germain rouge rouge single
    Kenny Larkin glob remixes Ben klock, Claude Von Stroke
    Omar S nelson county
    Actress RIP
    Actress paint, straw bubbles single
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 18:42:33 (permalink)

    MoWax Headz 2a & 2b boxsets
    UNKLE Psyence fiction gatefold
    UNKLE time has come EP
    UNKLE berry meditation single clear wax
    DJ Shadow what does your soul... DJ Die/Peshay remixes
    DJ Shadow midnight in a perfect world single
    DJ Shadow hardcore instrumental hiphop/Groove Robbers single
    DJ Shadow high noon single
    DJ Shadow numbers song Cut Chemist remix single
    DJ Shadow pre-emptive strike
    DJ Shadow the private press
    DJ Shadow making on the motorway remix ep UNKLE, Z-Trip etc
    DJ Shadow entroducing
    DJ Shadow/DJ Krush lost & found/Kemuri (2nd press)
    DJ Shadow/DJ Krush Zimbabwe legit/Kemuri remix
    DJ Krush a whim/DJ Shadow 89.9 megamix
    Pete Rock back on da block DJ Krush remix
    DJ Krush big city lover single
    DJ Krush only the strong survive; dillinja, Automator, Forme, Attica blues, underdog remix singles
    DJ Krush meiso DJ Shadow/The Prunes remixes
    DJ Krush strictly turntablised lp
    DJ Krush stepping Stones self-remix comp
    DJ Krush meiso lp
    Psychonauts time machine dj mix on vinyl
    Diplo epistomology suite single
    The isolationist hydrogen slush single
    The isolationist (DJ Vadim plus Antipop Consortium) lp
    The isolationist instrumentals lp
    Funki Porcini king ashabanapal single Dillinja remix!
    2 Player extreme possibilities single inc Wagon Christ remix
    Bonobo flutter single
    Pinball number count song 12” DJ Food edit
    Bonobo eyes down single
    East Flatbush Project tried by 12 single with remixes
    Kid Koala carpel tunnel syndrome lp
    Cinematic orchestra channel 1 suite single
    Cinematic Orchestra man with movie camera Domu remix single
    Cinematic Orchestra motion lp
    Herbaliser wallcrawling giant insect breaks single
    Herbaliser mr chombee has the flaw single
    Herbaliser blow your headphones lp
    Herbaliser remedies lp
    DJ Vadim combustible single gift of gab, phi life cypher
    DJ Vadim friction/raps don’t grow on trees taskfor e, prime cuts, mr thing
    DJ Vadim the terrorist single
    DJ Vadim aural prostitution remix single
    DJ Vadim reconstruction 2xdouble EP inc DJ Krush, Herbaliser, Kid Koala mixes
    DJ Vadim USSR life from the other side lp
    DJ Food a recipe for disaster lp
    DJ Food refried food 1-6: 3 x double ep of remixes
    Blockhead insomniac olympics picture disc
    Lukid lonely at the top lp
    Cold Cut walk a mile in my shoes Henrik Schwartz remix
    Keep in time the remixes double lp
    inc Madlib, DJ Shadow, j.rocc, quantic etc
    Ninjacuts flexistentialism triple lp comp
    Ninjacuts fungkungfusion triple lp comp
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    Smokey McPot
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/03 20:14:41 (permalink)
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 08:26:07 (permalink)
    Yeah, there's more jungle somewhere (just need to find it), and I'll start responding to PMs once I've got everything listed... over the weekend.
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 09:59:00 (permalink)
    DJ Teebone the backbone EP - I'll have this off you if it's still available
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 10:54:48 (permalink)
    Yeah, there's more jungle somewhere (just need to find it), 

    I hope you do find it 
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 14:08:41 (permalink)
    Just looked on discogs and Mala "Alicia" selling for 200 minimum. Fuck me. Very tempting to cash in on that!
    Discogs blocking the sale of WAR01 Bob Marley/Max Romeo. Powerful lawyers...
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    Daniel Snakeman
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 14:48:13 (permalink)
    Was just about to all about the dubstep
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 15:50:54 (permalink)
    Just looked on discogs and Mala "Alicia" selling for 200 minimum. Fuck me. Very tempting to cash in on that!
    Discogs blocking the sale of WAR01 Bob Marley/Max Romeo. Powerful lawyers...

    Oh shit, quite a few of those WAR releases have been blocked actually. A lot of those were decent too.
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 20:52:04 (permalink)
    Right, stopped opening boxes and listing stuff as a friend has offered to take the lot for four figures...

    ...I’ll try and honour the requests I’ve had via PM though.
    Smokey McPot
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/04 22:08:07 (permalink)
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/05 09:23:07 (permalink)
    Just looked on discogs and Mala "Alicia" selling for 200 minimum. Fuck me. Very tempting to cash in on that!
    Discogs blocking the sale of WAR01 Bob Marley/Max Romeo. Powerful lawyers...

    Oh shit, quite a few of those WAR releases have been blocked actually. A lot of those were decent too.

    I got the first 17 and, as a series, think the quality is generally very high (b’dum tish). But annoying that people can’t see what all the versions had been selling for.

    My friend is giving me the option to buy everything back “when I move back to England”, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Catalan girlfriend who’s definitely a family girl.
    But who knows.
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/08 19:39:42 (permalink)
    Gonna send bank details out by PM - sorry for the delay.
    Alicia up on discogs, also Jef Gilson & Hal Singer Soul Of Africa (although I got an inquiry about that one 10 minutes after I listed it at 400 euros ).
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/13 16:36:32 (permalink)
    So my friend has taken most of my collection from me, but there's still stuff going spare. If anyone wants to make an offer and can collect from Witney/Oxon let me know. I also have a flight case 2 x vestax turntables and vestax 07Pro mixer to sell. Not sure if I should make a separate thread for that. Here's some rap and trip-hop stuff... plus there's other unsorted funk/soul/DnB/jungle that I'd throw in if anyone took the lot.

    Ozomatli Cut Chemist suite 12" single
    v/a Once Upon A Time Presents... Large Professor
    v/a Rawkus presents Scratch
    Beatnuts off the books 12" single white
    Beastie Boys hello nasty double LP
    Prince Paul psychonalaysis double LP
    Outkast aquemeni double LP
    Outkast stankonia double LP
    Outkast hey ya 12" single
    Mos Def back on both sides double LP
    The Legion jingle jangle 12" single
    KMD instrumentals EP
    Eric B & Rakim follow the leader 12" single
    Eric B & Rakim microphone fiend 12" single
    Eric B & Rakim follow the leader LPMC Shan down by law LP
    Dr Dre g-thang repress single with remixes
    Rodney P tings in time 12" single
    Rasco unassisted single w/ X-Men, Kut Masta Kurt remixes
    Four Tet as serious as your life single remixes with Dilla & Guilty Simpson
    Beastie Boys get it together remixes/Sabotage single
    Skitz & Roots Manuva where my mind is at/blessed be the manner 12" single
    MC Mellow mellowizdaman/hedz don't know 12" single
    DJ Spooky riddim warfare LP
    Ohmega Watts that sound remix single
    Funkmaster Flex 6 million ways to die/sad & blue 12" single
    Clubtunes volume 3
    v/a Hip Hop Don't Stop 3 4xvinyl  SOLD
    Bombs hip-hop bootleg
    DJ Crystal perpetual motion 12" single
    Hieroglyphics the who/after dark 12" single
    Ghostface Killa all that I got is you/Daytona 500 12" single
    The Frank N Dank remix EP
    Diamond D stunts, blunts repress double LP
    Lords Of The Underground funky child 12" single
    Souls Of Mischief '93 til infinity 12" single repress  SOLD
    Mark Ronson ooh wee 12" single
    Ty oh you want more ft Roots Manuva 12" single
    Uptown dope on plastic 12" single repress SOLD
    Outkast southernplayaslistic 12" single repress
    Porn Theatre Ushers me & him 12" single
    v/a Cue's Hip Hop Shop
    Mos Def miss fat booty 12" single
    Gravediggaz diary of a madman 12" single
    Automator & Kool Keith a better tomorrow 12" single
    Divine Styler word power LP
    Digital Underground the humpty dance 12" single repress
    Del Tha Funky Homosapien catch a bad one 12" single repress
    De La Soul rock co kane flow 12" single
    De La Soul me myself & i remix single (og + Badmarsh & Shri)
    De La Soul say no go 12" single
    Mista Meaner winners & losers 12" single
    Kool GRap & Nas fast life 12" single
    El-P lazerface's warning remix 12" single
    Supa Lover Cee & Casanova Rud girls i got 'em locked promo LP
    Erykah Badu bag lady 12" single (repress?)
    OC LP repress
    Notorious BIG Mo Money Mo problems 12" single repress
    Nas it ain't hard to tell 12" single repress
    Nas the world is yours 12" single repress
    People Under The Stairs trippin' at the disco 12" single
    People Under The Stairs tuxedo rap 12" single
    Parlour Talk old, new & blue 12" single
    The Prunes ft Freestyle rockin' the mic/enemy of the crate 12" single
    Prince Po hold dat 12" single
    Busta Rhymes put your hands where my eyes could see 12" single
    3rd Eye circles/reality 12" single
    Mad Skillz lick the balls 12" single
    Missy Elliot pass that dutch 12" single
    Mobb Deep shook ones pt 2 12" single repress
    Organised Konfusion STRESS LP repress
    Ol' Dirty Bastard shimmy shimmy 12" single repress
    J-Live the best part double LP
    AV8 Bobb Deep got it twisted 12" single
    ATCQ people's instinctive... double LP repress
    Beatnuts street level LP repress
    Beatnuts watch out now 12" single repress
    Brand Nubian slow down 12" single repress
    Sir Beans OBE hieroglyphic audiovisual 12" single
    v/a Lesson One revised
    v/a Rebirth of Cool Phive
    v/a Rebirth of Cool six
    v/a Basscheck!
    v/a 110 Below trip to the chip shop
    v/a MoWax headz (2nd press, grey sleeve)
    v/a Peanut Butter Wolf's jukebox 45s
    Baron Zen at the mall remixes double LP (inc Danny Breaks remix)
    Peanut Butter Wolf my vinyl ways a ton instrumentals
    J.Rocc play this too 12" single
    Mix Master Mike suprize package Automator remix single
    DJ Vadim USSR Repertoire double LP
    London Funk Allstars can you understand white label 12"
    London Funk Allstars knee deep in beats 12" single
    Attica Blues vibes, scribes & dusty 45s EP white label promo
    Attica Blues 3ree remix single
    Attica Blues tender single
    Lee Curtis Connection/Wild Palms ninjatune single
    Los Hermanos Latinos bomba/cumbia remix single
    Los Hermanos Latinos las calenas/puerto rico remix single
    Space Travellers black hole/DJ Z-Trip explorations into the blackhole 12" single
    Waldeck this isn't maybe double EP
    Towa Tei future listening LP (ATCQ/Dilla sample on Technova, Dubnova)
    Tek 9 is it on remixes double LP
    Ian Simmonds last states of nature double LP
    Hefner reworks remix double LP
    Bonobo remixes & b-sides double LP
    MPM sampler
    Democustico six sketches EP
    Masters At Work get up remixes 12" single
    Crooklyn Clan vs DJ Kool here we go now remixes 12"
    Doc Delay morgan LP
    Diamond D b-sides & bootlegs
    Kenny Dope presents The Mad Racket supa/don dada 12" single (repress?)
    RJD2 here's what's left 12" single
    RJD2 exotic talk 12" single clear wax
    RJD2 haul & mason mashup 12" single
    Shoes 08 miles
    DJ Cam meera double remix EP
    DJ Cam innervisions 12" single
    Aphex Twin richard d james LP warp repress
    GAMM DJ Asparagus I wancha 12" single
    Stone Roses fool's gold 12" single
    The Mighty Bop ft DJ Cam & La Funk Mob
    Nightmares On Wax in a space outa sound double LP SOLD
    Sound in Color 12" single
    813 blend (inc Om Unit downtempo remix) 12" single
    I've also put some bits that are worth some cheddar on discogs:
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/14 08:02:29 (permalink)
    Have you still got the house and techno bits?
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/14 10:11:21 (permalink)
    All the good house & techno stuff has gone, but there's a few my mate didn't have space for;
    Radiohead everything in it's right place Afefe Iku remix/Moodymann techstolemyvinyl 12" white
    Seiji DJ Tools 1.1 & 1.2 two 12" singles
    Ray Mang holy ghost/love dancing 12" single
    SBTRKT hold on inc Sisi Bakbak remix 12" single with the hologram thing on the cover
    Trusme working nights double LP
    unknown artist Tor + Mes
    Osunlade momma's groove inc Jimster remix
    Kelpe bags of time 12" single
    Jedi Knights new school science double LP, no cover, plain black sleeve
    Nightmares On Wax african pirates remixes coloured 12" single
    House of House rushing to paradise inc DJ Harvey remix 12" single
    Greenskeepers pleetch double LP
    Winx hypnotizin' 12" single
    Bloodfire know u 12" single
    v/a Super Sound Single 7
    Tom Noble PPU edit single
    Azymuth jazz carnival Yambee remix 12"
    Les Go dan gna 12" single
    Pete Rodriguez I like it like that Aaron Jerome remix single
    Azymuth roda piao remixes 12" single
    Azymuth sampler
    Paperclip People floor/oscillator 12" single
    69 (Carl Craig) 4 jazzfunk classics 12" single
    Linkwood miles away (intrusion dubs) white vinyl 12" single
    Beanfield/Invisible Session tides/till the end Panoptikan remix 12" single
    Bruh Jackman EP
    Rhythm & Sound see mi yah w/ Carl Craig remix 12" single
    Chicago Skyway heavens 12" single
    Julio Bashmore everyone needs a theme tune 12" single
    Martyn/Mike Slott all nights/pointing fingers 12" single
    Bass/dubstep/garage stuff
    Djrum mountains pt.1 12" single
    v/a Keysound Allstars vol.2 single
    Lost Lacquers plate A only (I kept the Toasty one)
    Jacques Greene ready/prism 12" single
    Monkey Steak lighthouse dub inc Pinch remix 12" single
    Von D bon 12" single
    Sully in some pattern 12" single
    Quest smooth skin/wind tunnel 12" single
    Geiom reminissin' 12" single
    Falty Dl phrequaflex 12" single
    Tom Trago iris in dub 12" single
    v/a Mosaic vol1 sampler
    Bangers'R'Mashed Nuff Wish mixes plate 3 12" single
    Spac Hand Luke sid thug 12" single
    Ikonika idiot 12" single
    Geeneus volumes one
    I Should Have PayPal Active This Week.
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    Re: Records for sale 2018/08/14 11:05:54 (permalink)
    Some random DnB/Jungle left-overs:
    Sia where I belong inc Roni Size remix
    DJ Hype on that dust remixes
    Ikonvai e vem inc Nu:Tone remix
    Fanu for those who dream 12" single
    Photek form & function triple LP
    Basement presents Masters series 5
    Droppin' Science vol1/2
    Sonic & Silver
    Liquid V club sessions (still have a soft spot for Delta)
    John B
    St.Cal red light/little man
    Ant Miles
    Gang Related & Mask tear it up/one time 12" repress
    Faction tub dubby
    SKC shout vol2
    Accident & Emergency blue rinse
    Plastic Surgery 4
    Peshay miles from home underdog remix white promo 12"
    Digital space funk remix plus og white label 12"
    Hold Tight mr brown
    Lemon D test 4
    Amon Tobin like regular chickens Danny Breaks/Dillinja remixes
    Mikal roots touch 12"
    Shy FX plastic soul 12"
    Bluenote obscure '96 atmospheric jungle
    Adam F circles/some justice white bootleg 12"
    Dub Tao
    Zinc faster double LP
    Zinc people 4 single
    Anyone who wants to buy (and maybe collect) all of this stuff, I will take an absolute dry-bumming of an offer.
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