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Re: Who is America 2018/08/06 05:45:13 (permalink)
Caught a bit of this and yeah it's kinda the same old same old really.

I think part of the problem is that Ali G and Borat were both interesting, likeable and memorable characters whereas everything that's he's done since simply isn't. Couple that with an exhausted format and you really are flogging a dead horse.

Ali G and Borat are both still pretty watchable however.

I don't think that Who is America is meant to be comedy in its purest form. More using comedy to highlight some of the ridiculousness / backwardness that goes on in the US ...and at the very highest political levels.

If you watch the shows with that level of expectation then you won't be disappointed.
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Re: Who is America 2018/08/07 17:10:47 (permalink)
Quite a bit of this series has seemed stage IMO.
Kind of detracts from the whole thing as you start second guessing whether people are in on it or not.

The Christy Cones (the art dealer) bit seemed a little far fetched.  Donating her pubic hair and letting the film crew film her cutting it. Calling a litterally shitty drawing an oxymoronic, paradoxical, juxtaposition.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s art gallery victim has a few things to say to the man who trolled her
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Re: Who is America 2018/08/08 10:32:21 (permalink)
Nathan Fielder is a producer. This is good news.

apparently he wrote and directed the Kingman super-mosque pitching scene... fucking amazing 
"we're not calling anyone racists here"
"well i am. i am racist towards muslims"
second episode was stronger than the first imo. can't believe he got that geezer to run at him with his trousers down lol
also the bimbo from the bachelorette doing the 'adopt a child soldier' promo... incredible what people will do for (what they think is) publicity isn't it
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Re: Who is America 2018/08/08 10:49:10 (permalink)
There's a bit directly taken from Nathan for You in the latest episode, where they try and force a writer credit on someone who absolutely doesn't want to be associated with it. It was the same character as well so I guess that was the one he was most involved with.
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Re: Who is America 2018/08/08 10:51:07 (permalink)

I wonder of he has a backlog of failed ones where the people had worked it out... I reckon that would make better watching.
Probably happens a lot, we just don't usually hear about it. 
Dan Hoax
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Re: Who is America 2018/08/08 12:26:56 (permalink)
It was OK. Not quite the return to form I was hoping for but the Israeli guy was good.

Whatever he comes out with is going to be decent but it's unlikely he'll ever hit those late 90s/early 00s highs. Bit like Eminem really.

The Ali G clip where he interviews the vet still kills me every time I watch it. Perfect balance of cringe moments, quotables and an interviewee who buys into it and starts losing his faith in humanity by the end of it. The long slow headshake at the end is the best thing he's ever done.

Best bit of that interview is when SBC asks him his name and he says Dr George Washington and then looks at SBC just waiting for him to say something along the lines of 'Oh like he 1st US president' and SBC just say right and walks off. Sets the tone for the interview perfectly.
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Re: Who is America 2018/11/09 20:57:59 (permalink)
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