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Re: Before someone you loves dies 2018/06/18 13:17:43 (permalink)
Reg needs to man up and get over it imo
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Re: Before someone you loves dies 2018/06/18 13:28:16 (permalink)
Sorry to hear you are feeling shit Geordie, but glad you felt able to tell us what is going on.
Big up to those who are willing to work on themselves and have been putting in werk.
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Re: Before someone you loves dies 2018/07/06 11:41:30 (permalink)

I'm pretty certain that poor lifestyle choices are responsible for the rise in mental health problems, there's only so much you can blame on genetics.  

I agree partly about lifestyle. But for people with a genetic disposition to a mental health problem, you can blame a lot on genetics. Just like someone with a genetic predisposition to arthritis.

I think there is a huge amount of pressure of expectation on our generation that arguably our (mostly) working class parents didn't have. Growing up in the 60s and 70s ordinary folk weren't expected to amount to much more than getting a solid job and starting a family.

Our generation has the idea that we should aspire to be successful in so many ways and to be so many things and a lot of it is unattainable for many folk.

Living a simple life, being true to your family and friends, and not being a cunt is a good starting point, but our generation has so many aspirations and ideals rammed down our necks as to constantly make people feel inadequate or that they have failed in life.

I would highly recommend reading/listening to this.

It has given me a whole new perspective on how much control we actually have on our physical and mental health.
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