After party shenanagins

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2017/02/14 20:42:08 (permalink)

After party shenanagins

Whats the strangest shit you have seen in an after party? Since you're all mostly southerners into DnB, I imagine you all go to scumtek and free parties in forests and the likes so theres all sorts of weird stuff you have seen.
We were all out for my birthday and my mate got chatting to this absolute stunner and swapped numbers. Also, later on, some absolute hounds were pestering us for a party so again, numbers were exchanged. Later on during the taxi ride home he gets a text from a number saying it was a girl he met and could she come back for a party. He said yes thinking it was the stunner, but predictably it was one of the hounds.
She turns on on her bill (girls at parties on their own are always fuck ups) and immediately starts staggering round offering blowjobs for coke/ket/pills. At some point she walks into the kitchen were we were all discussing how fucking weird she was and she announces "So you like weird birds eh? I'll show you weird!" and starts hacking at her hair with some scissors off the side until theres just a few tufts left. Cue total silence.
Obviously this freaks some people out so half the party leave just as my mates flatmate turns up. He walks in to clumps of hair all over the flat, senses a crime scene and tells us to get her the fuck out. At some point her fella rings and it turns out he's been sat outside the flats in his car waiting for her. My mate then walks her up, taking her up and down stairs, in and out of doors to try and disorientate her so she couldnt find the flat and dumps her out of a gate far down the road.
Top night

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    Elbow Thermometer
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/14 21:39:32 (permalink)
    Probably still would have
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/14 22:32:05 (permalink)
    anyone got the vid of that random who turned up at some kid's house after breakin science and started MCing about ornamental c̶h̶i̶c̶k̶e̶n̶s̶ hens.
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/14 22:42:05 (permalink)
    that's a hen bredrin
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/14 23:33:07 (permalink)
    Just had a look and it seems that video has been taken down.

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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/15 00:17:27 (permalink)
    That video was gold
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/15 12:16:51 (permalink)
    Just after Christmas I saw Craig Charles dj and ended up bumping into a generous wreckhead I know so ended up back at this couple's flat. They were sound and the guy had a decent record collection.
    What was weird was the presence the two identical twin brothers who were morphine addicts and the actual smackhead, they were all quite pleasant and all though.
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    Re: After party shenanagins 2017/02/15 12:53:11 (permalink)
    House party in Manchester, I was on shrooms, door bell rang so I answered it, 6 naked people were stood in front of me and announced "Hi, we're the naked people.". I had to get someone else to confirm what I was seeing was real. They stayed naked for the whole night and royally fucked my trip up. 
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