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Re: To Brexit or not to Brexit? 2018/12/11 11:51:47 (permalink)

And you’re not a citizen until you’ve successfully applied for citizenship, so I make him right that people with serious criminal records aren’t eligible.

Wrong. If your parent lived in the UK as a commonwealth citizen in the 60s and you were born in the UK or had 'the right of abode' (that gets pretty complicated) before 1982, you are a British citizen. if you prove that, you should not be granted citizenship starting now, it should be confirmed you have had it since birth, which means any criminal convictions since then are irrelevant. What Sajid Javid is doing is denying people who are entitled to their citizenship already, because of criminal history. It's still hostile and, hey whaddyaknow, it disproportionately affects the black and low income population of Britain. 
It also now costs over £1,000 to register a child as a British citizen which means low income families can't afford to regularise their children's status even though they have a right to citizenship.
He's also doubled the Immigration Health Surcharge to £1,000 for people extending their right to stay in the UK, which applies to people working and contributing to the UK economy, so they're paying their taxes for the NHS + another £1,000 on top of that when they extend their status by 30 months. It's a joke and Sajid Javid is happy to keep turning the screw. It may not be overt racism but it's still pretty brutal and he's done fuck all to change course following the Windrush scandal, in fact he's steadied the course.  

They still have the right to remain. I don’t think many beyond the most bleeding of hearts will be too fussed that serious criminals are denied the privilege of citizenship.
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