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Re: The TV series thread 2017/10/16 19:17:25 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby Whitey 2017/10/16 23:15:05

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Re: The TV series thread 2017/10/16 21:48:53 (permalink)
Yeah the storyline and a scripting is so accurate, that Kemper is a scary guy, decspitating gitls and ducking the neck holes is next level

Wiki'd him after watching it, terrifying to imagine him preying on young girls 
6'9" with a Mensa IQ and a penchant for fucking severed heads

...before waiting for his mother to fall asleep and returning to bludgeon her with a claw hammer and slit her throat with a knife. He then decapitated her and engaged in irrumatio with her severed head before using it as a dart board; stating that he "put [her head] on a shelf and screamed at it for an hour ... threw darts at it," and ultimately, "smashed her face in."[22][50] 
He also cut out her tongue and larynxand put them in the garbage disposal. However, the garbage disposal could not break down the tough vocal cords and ejected the tissue back into the sink. "That seemed appropriate," Kemper later said, "as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years."[51] He then had sex with his mother's corpse, hid it in a closet and went out to drink.


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Re: The TV series thread 2017/10/16 23:07:45 (permalink)
I watched and finished that Making of the Mob thing in the last few days as well.
I really enjoyed it and quite liked the way they'd mixed a documentary in with acting - I'd watch more factual history shows in this format. 
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Re: The TV series thread 2017/10/16 23:18:31 (permalink)
Not a series but theres a random Gorden Ramsey documentary on Cocaine coming on thursday night, it looks like it might be quite good. Think its channel 4?
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