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Re: RE: Kendrick Lamar 2017/04/14 07:59:26 (permalink)
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Re: RE: Kendrick Lamar 2017/04/14 14:44:22 (permalink)
I've given it one listen through. Few really decent tracks and a couple of 'meh's. Will definitely give it a few more listens but my initial thought is that I don't like it as much as the Rick Ross album. But then, I'm not a huge fan of modern HipHop so my opinion is probably worthless.
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Re: RE: Kendrick Lamar 2017/04/14 20:51:15 (permalink)
I fucking love it after just a couple of listens.
Better than TPAB, IMO.
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Re: RE: Kendrick Lamar 2017/04/15 09:41:22 (permalink)
Not sure I'd go that far but it is very good. The storytelling on Duckworth is amazing and really sets the whole album in a different context. I enjoyed it second time round a lot more because of that

As with the previous albums it's gonna take a few more listens to really digest but early thoughts are:
- Production is banging...more more traditional hip hop than TPAB but equally creative. James Blake's beat on Element, 9th wonder on Duckworth, badbadnotgood channeling outkast on Lust and whoever did DNA especially
- lyrically it's much more personal and introspective than TPAB. Kendrick taking a lot about his own demons and the contradictions of his character
- Humble is still just a bit jarring
- I'll probably be skipping Love and God from now on
- he can even make Bono sound good! Xxx is one of the best tracks on the album imo
- as a modern artist (not just a rapper) he is peerless. I can't think of anyone who's made four albums of such incredible high quality. And they're all noticeably different too

Strong rumours on Reddit etc that he's dropping the second half of the album tomorrow... not sure I believe it but there's some pretty compelling theorising!
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