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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 21:48:21 (permalink)
DJ Fresh
John B
Rolf Harris
Michael Parkinson
Carol Vorderman
Lorraine Kelly
Timmy Mallet
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 22:12:26 (permalink)

Beefy! Beefy!

The man is a don. Used his SAS training to sort out a BNP mug who held a knife up to his throat after a night out in Yeovil.
Kola Nut
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 22:18:35 (permalink)

Will Adams baby


David Frost – Television presenter.
Gary Rhodes – Chef and restaurateur.
Rik Waller – Singer, rose to fame through reality TV show "Pop Idol."
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 22:25:20 (permalink)
Not strictly my 'hometown' but the town I went to school in gave the world Kajagoogoo

There's a little dedication to them on a wall in one of the pubs, to this date they're the town's greatest achievement
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 22:30:25 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: jim_skreech

The man is a don.

Yes he is
Johnny Quest
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 22:52:24 (permalink)


one of her daughters used to go to the same primary school as me.
Used to see her picking her up after assembly on Friday.

Did you ever take down her particulars?
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/24 23:01:19 (permalink)
Slipmatt's from near me.
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ORIGINAL: jim_skreech

The man is a don.

Yes he is

He's got that look to him, where he may be a middle aged middle class old fart with a posh accent, but you know how if you went for a beer with him there would be nuff lad bantz etc and he'd be proper sound.
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 00:10:31 (permalink)

Went same School as her.
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 00:19:42 (permalink)



Arnold Schwarzanneggar once lived about 3 streets away from my mum's house.

100% true.

He came to Newham once and it had literally zero press coverage, as it was for a funeral for a very little known bodybuilder who once trained him back in the day. ?

That Gym looks like it was the bollocks....
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 02:23:21 (permalink)
Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 02:30:02 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: djdave*b

what breed of shitcunt are you?
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 02:37:06 (permalink)
Russell Brand
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 09:30:43 (permalink)


ORIGINAL: danny vanalli

I'm from Trowbridge too so this was gonna be mine.


Stephen Lee

Trowbridge, Wiltshire

"He is noted for his unusually high weight for a professional sportsman, although he has attempted to reduce this by not binge-drinking or eating late at night"

I think there is only one celebrity ! Due to the size of the town.

Know any others?

At least you have him. Warminster has no one.

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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 10:25:33 (permalink)
Watton-at-Stone (where I grew up) : Rupert Grint, Frank Warren (resident), Barry Norman (resident)

Stevenage (where I was born and now live) : Ashley Young, Lewis Hamilton, Jack Wilshere, Kevin Phillips (lived on the road my Dad did), Rob Playford!

Probably quite a few for Hertford.
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 13:16:07 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: madtag

ORIGINAL: geordie007

ORIGINAL: madtag

I grew up in Shirley

You cant be serious?

Dont judge me by that I left Soton when I was 13 (moved to Worthing)


I don't think there is anyone of note from Aylesbury where I grew up, David Jason lived next door to someone in my class at school from a village just down the road though.
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 13:21:19 (permalink)


Watton-at-Stone (where I grew up) : Rupert Grint, Frank Warren (resident), Barry Norman (resident)

Stevenage (where I was born and now live) : Ashley Young, Lewis Hamilton, Jack Wilshere, Kevin Phillips (lived on the road my Dad did), Rob Playford!

Probably quite a few for Hertford.

Can I touch you?
Leg Warmer
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 13:43:41 (permalink)

Richard Addinsell, composer of the Warsaw Concerto and many film soundtracks — lived in Chichester Terrace 1960–77; blue commemorative plaque adorns house
Harrison Ainsworth, lived in Kemptown; wrote the novel Ovingdean Grange 1860
Chemmy Alcott, Britain's number one Alpine Skier
Elizabeth Allan, actress, lived in Arundel Terrace, Kemp Town in the 1950s
Chesney Allen, comedian, one of Flanagan and Allen, born in Brighton in 1893
Henry Allingham, briefly the world's oldest man, moved to St Dunstan's at age 109
Emma Anderson, guitarist and songwriter of indie music bands Lush and Sing-Sing (band)
Peter Andre, British-born Australian singer, has lived in Brighton
Francis Anscombe, statistician, was born in Hove in 1918
Richard Attenborough, actor (Brighton Rock, 10 Rillington Place), broadcaster and film-maker (Oh! What a Lovely War, Gandhi), brother of David Attenborough
Michael "Atters" Attree, satirist, comedy writer and performer
Dean Ayass, television wrestling commentator

David Baboulene, humorous travel writer, scriptwriter and story theory expert
Zoe Ball broadcaster, daughter of Johnny Ball
Howard Barker, playwright
Carol Barnes, former ITV newsreader in Brighton Marina
Alexandra Bastedo, actress
Biddy Baxter, former editor of Blue Peter
Aubrey Beardsley, fin-de-siecle artist, born in Brighton 1872; for some time lived at Lower Rock Gardens, Kemptown
Steve Bell, Guardian cartoonist
William Bemister, documentary filmmaker, born in Brighton
Pete Bennett, winner of TV Show Big Brother
Patrick Bergin, actor in films including Sleeping with the Enemy and Patriot Games
Robin Bextor, film and TV director, including Norfolk Coast, Windsor Restored, Paul McCartney Today and Yesterday and many music films has a residence in Lewes Crescent (from 2008)
Denise Black, English actress in Coronation Street etc., lives in Brighton
William Black, novelist lived at 1 Paston Place from 1879 until his death in 1898
Paul Blackburn, bassist for popular rock band Gomez currently lives in Hove
Howard Blake, OBE, composer, pianist, conductor, lyric-writer, grew up in Brighton and attended Downs Junior School (1944–49), then Brighton Grammar School (1950–57)
Cate Blanchett, Australian actress,[1] owned and lived in 23 Lewes Crescent between 2003–06
Arthur Bliss, composer, most famously the score for Things to Come
Tony Bloom, poker player, born in Brighton
Edward Booth, naturalist and taxidermist, lived in Brighton and founded its Booth Museum
Tim Booth, lead singer of the band James
Kirk Brandon, musician famous for forming and fronting post-punk bands Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny
Frank Bridge, composer
Raymond Briggs, artist, writer and illustrator of many children's books including The Snowman, taught at Brighton Art College
The members of British Sea Power, an indie rock band (Yan, Noble, Hamilton and Woody)
Ray Brooks, actor
Janet Brown, actress and impersonator of Margaret Thatcher, lived in Hove[2]
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, engineer, attended Dr Morell's school in Hove
Dora Bryan, comic actress (whose Clarges hotel on Marine Parade was used in the Carry On films)
Nick Burbridge, author of poetry/plays/novel and songwriter founder of folk rock McDermott's Two Hours
Richard Burchett, artist
Julie Burchill, journalist; founder of Modern Review
Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Pre-Raphaelite artist; resident 1880–98
Sir John Cordy Burrows (1813–76), surgeon and local politician; mayor of Brighton 1857
Keith Burstein, composer, born (1957) and brought up in Hove
Charles Busby, Regency architect, prolific in Brighton. Lived in Lansdowne Place. House is adorned by a blue commemorative plaque
Dame Clara Butt, recitalist and concert singer, lived in St Aubyns Mansions between 1903 and 1906.[3]
Douglas Byng, comic singer and songwriter; lived in Arundel Terrace, Kemp Town; died 1987

Simon Callow, British actor, has a house in Hove
George Canning, (1770–1827), British politician and Prime Minister; resident April to August, 1827)
Marie-Antoine Carême, chef to the Prince Regent, inventor of chef's toque (hat)
Edward Carpenter, poet and philosopher
Sam Carter, singer in British metalcore band Architects
Dirick Carver, Protestant martyr, 1554
Michael Cashman, MEP and former EastEnders actor
Nick Cave, Australian musician, writer, and film maker
Gianni Celati, Italian writer, lives in Brighton
Ian Chapman, footballer
Shaun Charman, formerly drummer of band The Wedding Present
Peter Chrisp, children's writer
Sir Winston Churchill, journalist and politician; attended a school run by the "Misses Thompson" in Hove
Dave Clarke, techno DJ
Julian Clary, comedian, formerly the Joan Collins fan club
Brendan Cleary, poet, lives in Brighton
John Clements, (1910–88) actor
Carol Cleveland, Monty Python actress
Bryan Clough, author of State Secrets: The Kent-Wolkoff Affair
Brian Cobby, former voice of the British Telecom speaking clock
C. B. Cochran, (1872–1951) impresario, showman, born in Prestonville Road, Brighton
Frankie Cocozza, singer, X-Factor reject, runner up of Celebrity Big Brother, 2012
Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, (1770–1851) hero of the Battle of Navarino — lived in 140 Western Road (1828–52); a blue commemorative plaque adorns the house
Ben Cohen (1907–1971), author, publisher and distributor of bridge books and stationery supplies.
Maria Colwell, born in Hove in 1965, killed in Brighton by her stepfather at age 7; a notorious case of child abuse resulting in a public enquiry
Dainton Connell (1961–2007), a leading Arsenal hooligan, was born in Brighton
John Constable (1776–1837), Romantic painter, intermittently lived in Brighton, calling it "Piccadilly by the Seaside"
Steve Coogan, comedian well known as Alan Partridge
Norman Cook musician formerly of band The Housemartins, and subsequently known as DJ Fatboy Slim (Portslade)
Gaz Coombes, lead singer of band Supergrass, once lived in Brighton
Tich Cornford, cricketer for Sussex, died in Brighton
David Courtney, born David Cohen in Whitehawk, composer and record producer; discovered and co-wrote with Leo Sayer; also nephew of Henry Cohen who conceived and built Brighton Marina
Simon Cowell, Sony BMG executive, born in Brighton[4]
Richard Crane, playwright[5]
Sam Crane, actor, born Brighton
Henry Radcliffe Crocker (1846–1909), dermatologist born in Hove
A. J. Cronin, novelist, lived in Hove in 1945
Luke Cresswell (of musical performers Stomp)
Aleister Crowley, author, died in a nursing home in Hastings, along the coast from Brighton, in December 1947; ashes scattered at Devil's Dyke
James Crump (1812–92), founder of St. Aubyn's School (named after the Hove street in which he lived)
Thomas Cubitt (1788–1855), master builder, employed in the development of Kemp Town. Lived in 13 Lewes Crescent

Alfred Darling, pioneer film equipment manufacturer
Helen David, fashion designer, born in Brighton
Roger Dean, artist, famous for prog-rock album covers
Alan Donohoe, singer with the band The Rakes, lives in Brighton
Lord Alfred Douglas, poet and writer, friend and lover of Oscar Wilde
Graham Duff television writer and actor famous for BBC Three TV series ideal
Polly Dunbar, illustrator and writer, went to Brighton University, now lives in Brighton

Les Edwards, illustrator, lives in Brighton
Nick Van Eede, lead singer, Cutting Crew
G. H. Elliott, (1884–1962), music hall singer and comedian, buried in Rottingdean church yard
Steve Ellis, singer with the band Love Affair, lives in Brighton
Bella Emberg, actress; co-star of The Russ Abbot Show
Revd. Richard Enraght, religious controversialist, curate of St. Paul's Church, Brighton 1867–71, and priest in Charge of St. Andrew's Church, Portslade 1871–74
Chris Eubank, ex-boxer, who holds the purchased title of "Lord of the Manor of Brighton"
Maurice Evans, leading Shakespearan actor in the United States, regularly in Bewitched and Batman, and Dr Zaius in Planet of the Apes
Simon Evans, comedian, lives in Hove
George Everest, surveyor after whom the mountain was named, buried in Hove

Michael Fabricant MP, born in Brighton in 1950; educated at the Brighton, Hove and Sussex Grammar School
Simon Fanshawe, broadcaster, writer, and comedian
Tommy Farr, boxer, "The Tonypandy Terror", ran a pub in Brighton after retirement
Frank Finlay, actor, owned a house in Wyndham Street for 30 years until 2009.
Maria Fitzherbert, illegitimate wife of George IV (the marriage of a Catholic to a member of the British Royal Family was illegal)
Russell Floyd, actor, lives in Brighton
Chris Foreman, nicknamed Chrissy Boy, guitarist, Madness
William Friese-Greene, cinematographic pioneer, subject of the film The Magic Box

Constance Garnett, early translator of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov, was born in Brighton and attended Brighton and Hove High School
David Garnett, novelist
George, Prince of Wales, Prince Regent, and later King George IV of the United Kingdom
Grant Gee, filmmaker and music video director
Dave Gibbons, comic book illustrator, famed for co-creating Watchmen
Annabel Giles, TV presenter, lives in Brighton[6]
Eric Gill, typographer, engraver, sculptor, born in Brighton 1882
David Gilmour, guitarist and vocalist of Pink Floyd, owns house on Kings Esplanade, Hove
Harvey Goldsmith, rock promoter
Nat Gonella, singer and trumpeter, lived in Saltdean
JoAnne Good, radio presenter and actress, lives in Brighton
Colin Grant, author, lives in Brighton
Stephen Grant, comedian and writer, lives in Brighton and frequently performs in the town's Komedia venue
Emily Gravett, children's author and illustrator, lives in Brighton
Graham Greene, writer (worked in but did not live in Brighton)
Lucy Griffiths, actress (attended Varndean College)
Martha Gunn, famous dipper and friend of the Prince Regent
Sally Gunnell, athlete, olympic 400m hurdles champion in 1992

Eamon Hamilton, of the band Brakes and formerly of British Sea Power
Kay Hammond, (1909–1980), Stage and film actress, wife of John Clements
Gilbert Harding TV personality in the 1950s; lived in Clifton Terrace, Brighton
Cyriak Harris, British freelance animator, E4 winner, B3TA member
Harry Harrison, science-fiction writer
Phil Hartnoll, of band Orbital
Lee Harwood, poet, moved to Brighton in 1967
Tony Hawks, comedian, author and philanthropist
John Albert Hay, former British Politician
Peter Thomas Hay, author
Rachel Hayward, former British Steel Pan Champion Soloist
Michael Heath, cartoonist
Den Hegarty, of bands Darts and Rocky Sharpe and the Razors/Replays
Toby Hemingway, actor best known for playing Reid Garwin in 'The Covenant'
James Herbert, horror author of The Rats and The Fog
Phoebe Hessel, (1713–1821), buried in the graveyard of St Nicholas' Church, Brighton
Dave Hill, Marxist educator, grew up in Brighton and was a local Labour councillor
Rowland Hill, postal reformer
Steve Hillier of band Dubstar (Hove)
Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins who were born in Brighton in 1908; toured the US sideshow and Vaudeville circuit
Annie Holland, guitarist with Britpop band Elastica, lives in Brighton
Georg Hólm, bassist of Sigur Rós
Nicholas van Hoogstraten, multimillionaire and property tycoon
Rufus Hound, comedian and presenter
Jason Hughes, Welsh actor, lives in Brighton
Barbara Hulanicki, fashion designer and founder of Biba
Jessica Hynes (née Stephenson), actress and writer, grew up in Brighton

Mick Jackson, writer, best known for novel The Underground Man, lives in Brighton
Edward James, poet and art collector, who lent many famous Surrealist works to Brighton Museum in the 1950s and 1960s
Peter James, writer of detective stories featuring Roy Grace, was born in Brighton
Samantha Janus, actress in EastEnders
Konrad Jarnot, opera singer
Michael Jayston, actor, lives in Hove
Gwyneth Jones, novelist
Maggie Jones, Baroness Jones of Whitchurch, Labour politician, lives in Brighton
Petra Joy, German feminist and advocate/producer of erotic films for women, lives in Brighton

Charles Albert Keeley, pioneering colour theorist and entertainer
Natasha Kaplinsky, journalist and newsreader
Tim Keegan, English musician, lives in Brighton
Nigel Kennedy, violinist
Natasha Khan (also known as Bat for Lashes), musician
Alex King, rugby player
Matt King, actor and comedian; Super Hans in Peep Show
Philip King, playwright; wrote the farce See How They Run.
William King, philanthropist; supporter of Cooperative Movement
Rudyard Kipling, author; lived in Rottingdean between 1897 and 1903
Prince Peter Alexeevich Kropotkin, anarchist; resident 1912–17

Thomas Lainson, architect
David Land, theatre producer[7]
George Larner, race-walker; double gold medallist at 1908 Olympics
David Lavender, co-founder of Komedia theatre and production company
Walter Ledermann, mathematician, lived in Rottingdean and Hove
Vivien Leigh, actress, Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind
Reginald Leopold, BBC violinist, lived in Saltdean at the time of his death.[8]
Fred Lillywhite, cricketer; organised first England overseas tour
Ken Livingstone, politician; formerly Mayor of London; had a house in the Seven Dials area[9]
Hugh Lloyd, actor and comedian, lived in Rottingdean
Jane Longhurst, killed by Graham Coutts; the Jane Longhurst Trust was set up to campaign for the criminalisation of what the Government labelled "extreme pornography", a move opposed by Backlash and the Consenting Adult Action Network[10]
Ida Lupino, actress and film-maker, c.1914 – c.1949, daughter of Stanley Lupino
Desmond Lynam, broadcaster

Matt Machan (born 1991), Sussex cricketer
Mathilde Madden, erotica author, lves in Brighton
Sake Dean Mahomet, introduced the Turkish bath to Britain
Stephen Mallinder, musician, lives in Brighton
Gideon Mantell, doctor, palaeontologist, discoveror of dinosaurs (Iguanodon), lived and worked in Brighton in the 1830s
Lesley Manville (born 1956), English actress
Edward Marshall-Hall, criminal barrister famous for Edwardian theatrics in court
Ivan Massow, entrepreneur
Susan Maughan, singer of hit record Bobbys Girl, lived in Rottingdean
Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence
Conor Maynard, singer
Margaret Mayo, children's author, lives in Brighton
Pete McCarthy actor and writer
Joe McGann, actor; star of The Upper Hand
Neil Megson, performance artist, also known as Genesis P-Orridge
Alan Melville, (1910–1983) revue author, playwright, lyricist, radio and TV personality moved to Brighton in 1951 and lived in Clifton Terrace and Victoria St.[11][12]
Sara Mendes da Costa, the British Telecom speaking clock
Kevin Meredith, a.k.a. Lomokev, photographer, lives and works in Brighton
Prince Klemens von Metternich (15 May 1773 – 11 June 1859), Austrian Foreign Minister, Diplomat and creator of the Congress of Vienna
Max Miller, comedian, "the Cheeky Chappie", born in Brighton in 1894, lived there most of his life; blue plaque at 160 Marine Parade
Heather Mills, ex-wife of musician and ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, lives and owns the vegan restaurant Vbites in Hove
Juan, Count of Montizón, the Carlist claimant to the throne of Spain and Legitimist claimant to the throne of France — lived in Hove c.1870s – 1887, where he died; funeral mass held in Hove's Sacred Heart Church
William Moon, teacher and inventor of an alphabet for the blind
Gary Moore, musician, guitarist with Thin Lizzy amongst others as well as solo, lived in Hove
Ryan Moore, three time champion jockey
Caitlin Moran, journalist, was born in Brighton[13]
James Morrison, recording artist, lives in Hove[14]

Napoleon III, Emperor of the French; deposed by the Third Republic in 1870 and lived in Brighton in 1872
Dame Anna Neagle, actress; lived at Lewes Crescent, Kemp Town
Annie Nightingale, BBC TV and Radio presenter and sometime Brighton night-club owner
Amy Noble, English actress, lives in Brighton
Ray Noble, band leader, composer, born 17 December 1903 in 1 Montpelier Terrace
Jeff Noon, speculative fiction writer
Henry Normal, comedian, writer and TV producer, lives in Brighton

Peter O'Donnell, creator of Modesty Blaise
Lord Olivier (Laurence Olivier) and Joan Plowright; lived at Royal Crescent 1960–78
John Osborne, playwright, lived in 7a Arundel Terrace, Kemp Town in the 1950s
Steve Ovett, Olympic runner, 800 metres gold medalist in 1980, born and brought up in Brighton. There was a statue of him in Preston Park, Brighton.
Denise Van Outen, television presenter, currently renovating a house[citation needed]
Bill Owen, actor, lived in Sussex Square in the 1950s
Adrian Oxaal, guitarist, formerly with James

George Painter, biographer, died at Hove on 8 Dec 2005
Chris Paling, novelist
Phillip Reeve, novelist; grew up in Brighton
Patsy Palmer, current EastEnders actress
Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish politician, died in Brighton
Marguerite Patten, cookery writer
Heather Peace, actress and musician, lives in Brighton
David Pearce, philosopher
Donald Peers, Welsh crooner, lived in St. John's Road, Hove; memorial tablet at Downs Crematorium
John Pelling, artist, born (1930) and raised in Hove[15]
Laurie Penny, columnist and blogger, grew up in Brighton, attended Brighton College
Fred Perry, tennis player, lived in Rottingdean
Karen Pickering, swimmer, former 200 metres freestyle champion
David Pilbeam, anthropologist
Keith Pilbeam, economist
Alan Pipes, author and illustrator
Joan Plowright — see Lord Olivier, above
Tim Pope, film director and video maker
Samuel Preston, lead singer of the band The Ordinary Boys, formally married to Celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle Houghton
Ian Porter, actor
Katie Price, model (also known as Jordan), formerly married to Peter Andre
Tobin Prinz, of Prinzhorn Dance School
Partho Sen-Gupta, film director and scriptwriter (resident since October 2006)
Luke Pritchard, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Kooks

Roger Quilter, composer, born in Hove in 1877

Peggy Ramsay (1908–1991), theatrical agent, lived in Kensington Place, Brighton. Blue plaque at the property.
Robert Rankin, author
Terence Rattigan, playwright, author of The Browning Version and The Winslow Boy lived at Bedford House, 79 Marine Parade. Blue plaque at the property.
Tom Raworth, poet, lives in Brighton
Rita Ray, once singer with the Darts, latterly radio presenter and DJ
Amanda Redman, actress, born in Brighton in 1957
Siân Rees, English historian of the 17th and 18th centuries, lives in Brighton
Terence Reese, from London, a national and international award winning player of and highly regarded writer on contract bridge; a writer on other games; died at the age of 83 of aspirin poisoning on January 29, 1996 at his residence at 23 Adelaide Crescent; an inquest ruled his death accidental.
Louise Rennison, writer (author of Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging) and comedienne, went to Brighton University, and now lives in Brighton
Dakota Blue Richards, actress, is attending Brighton College sixth form
Rizzle Kicks, hip-hop duo
Paul Roberts, frontman/singer with pop band the stranglers — session singer and actor
Simon Roberts, photographer, lives in Brighton[16]
Frederick William Robertson, Anglican divine
George Robey, (1869–1954), music hall comedian, lived in Arundel Drive, Saltdean until his death
Dame Flora Robson, actress, 1960 until her death in 1984, famous as Elizabeth I
Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, opened first shop in Kensington Gardens, Brighton in 1976; a blue commemorative plaque marks the building.
Martin Rossiter, singer with the band Gene, lives in Brighton
Arnold Ruge, German philosopher and political writer, lived in exile in Brighton from 1850 until his death in 1880
Dr. Richard Russell (1687–1759), encouraged the submersion and drinking of seawater. Buried in the churchyard of St Nicholas' Church, Brighton.
Gilbert Ryle, philosopher
John Alfred Ryle, professor of medicine at Cambridge and Oxford. Physician to George V. Brother of Gilbert Ryle.
Martin Ryle, winner of 1974 Nobel Prize in Physics

Victoria Sackville-West, had two houses in Sussex Square, Kemp Town conjoined by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who also built her another at nearby Roedean
Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon, British Indian philanthropist and merchant, 1st Baronet Sassoon
Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, businessman and politician, MP for Hythe, whose mausoleum became the Hanbury Arms; 2nd Baronet Sassoon, of Kensington Gore
Tom Sayers, boxer
Paul Scofield, actor, lived in Brighton as a child and went to school there
Tom Searle, Guitarist of UK Metalcore band Architects
Dan Searle, Drummer of UK Metalcore band Architects
Captain Sensible, punk musician with The Damned
Jake Shillingford, musician and front-man of My Life Story
Roy Skelton, actor and voice of the Daleks[17]
Sylvia Sleigh, artist
George Albert Smith, pioneering early cinematographer lived and built a studio in Hove
Kevin Smith, cricketer
Robert Smith, singer for band The Cure; long-term resident
Jimmy Somerville, musician formerly of band The Communards
Ewen Spencer, photographer
Herbert Spencer, philosopher and political theorist
Mimi Spencer, journalist, lives in Brighton
Victor Spinetti, actor, film, stage TV, lived in Kemp Town
Dusty Springfield, singer, had home in Wilbury Road, Hove
Victor Stiebel, fashion designer, lived in Chichester Terrace
Joakim Sundström, Swedish sound editor, sound designer and musician
Keston Sutherland, poet, lives in Brighton

Chris T-T, singer-songwriter, lives in Brighton
Keith Taylor, Member of the European Parliament for the Green Party, lives or lived in Brighton
Maui Taylor, Filipino actress, big in the Philippines
Noah Taylor, actor and musician, lives in Brighton
Rosie Taylor-Ritson, actress in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, lives in Brighton
Nicholas Tettersell, ferried Charles II to exile in France
Angela Thirkell, buried in St Margaret's Church, Rottingdean
David Thomas, lead singer of Pere Ubu, Rocket from the Tombs, and David Thomas & Two Pale Boys
Francis Tillstone, Brighton's Town Clerk from 1881 to 1904
Arthur Treacher, actor
Tommy Trinder comedian, owned and lived in 71 Marine Parade (ref. Kelly's 1951)
Jack Tripp, English pantomime dame, died 2005
Lynne Truss, writer
Kieran Turner, aid worker and founder of Brighton Lifeline for Kosova, which became Aid Convoy
Keith Tyson, artist and Turner Prize winner in 2002, studied Critical Fine Art Practice at Brighton University's Grand Parade campus

David Van Day, singer
Ralph Vaughan Williams, composer, went to school in Rottingdean
Wanda Ventham, actress, was born in Brighton
Magnus Volk, electrical engineer and inventor

Johnny Wakelin, musician
Peter Wales (b. 1928), Sussex cricketer
Seann Walsh, comedian.
Keith Waterhouse CBE (1929–2009), journalist, novelist and playwright, lived in Embassy Court, Brighton
David Watkin (1925–2008) Oscar and BAFTA winning cinematographer lived in Sussex Mews, Kemp Town until his death
Gary Whelan, Irish actor, lives in Brighton and owns the Lion & Lobster pub there
Thomas and Alex White, musicians and members of Electric Soft Parade and Brakes
Wildman Whitehouse, surgeon and destroyer of the first transatlantic telegraph cable
Rachel Whiteread, artist and Turner Prize winner in 1993
Herbert Wilcox, (1892–1977) film producer and director lived in Lewes Crescent, Kemp Town
Amon Wilds and his son Amon Henry Wilds, both Regency architects, prolific in Brighton
Mark Williams, member of The Fast Show team and actor in the Harry Potter films
James Williamson (film pioneer), cinema pioneer had a chemist's shop in Church Road, Hove before building a studio in Cambridge Grove
Holly Willoughby, television presenter
Joe Lee Wilson, jazz singer
John Wisden, cricketer, founded Wisden Cricketers' Almanack
Harry Witchel, physiology lecturer and TV pundit on body language and psychodynamics
W.I.Z., music video director

Will Young, recording artist (popular music)
Robyn Young, author

Helen Zahavi, writer
Paul Zenon, magician
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 13:47:03 (permalink)
I live on the street where Ronnie Barker was born.


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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 13:55:59 (permalink)
Mike Tindall
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 14:33:09 (permalink)
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 14:38:34 (permalink)

Will Mac
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 14:44:01 (permalink)
Alexi Sayles mother lives on the same road as Jake Daniel. So fucking beat that Leg Warmer!
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 15:24:56 (permalink)

Joe calzaghe
Paula Radcliffe
James cordon
The wanted
That england/saracen rugby player mouritz Botha
A few England cricketers

Leg Warmer
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 15:27:10 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: willfunk

Alexi Sayles mother lives on the same road as Jake Daniel. So fucking beat that Leg Warmer!

fucking name dropper.
The Rat
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RE: Famous people from your hometown 2012/04/25 15:27:11 (permalink)
I thought Calzaghy was born in London then moved to Wales?
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