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Re: RE: @ Gym peeps 2018/01/14 15:32:14 (permalink)
Going to try and do this Couch to 5K shit. Any recommendations for cheap running trainers? Ideally under £50.

Whenever Ive got my trainers, theres always been a treadmill there to test them out. Ive always liked the feel of New Balance
Smokey McPot
I've joined an actual gym. Its like a warehouse with equipment. I miss David Lloyd.

Sounds great. I want somewhere with more barbells than people.
Why are most gyms packed to the rafters with treadmills but have a tiny free weights area? I shouldn't have to queue for a rack or even a bench when 50% of the cardio machines are free ffs.

Thats my gym. Its a big building with 3 rooms filled to the brim with juiceheads and metallic things that clang. Which means that the handful of treadmills hidden in the attic are always free. Perfect for me
Original Nuttah
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Re: RE: @ Gym peeps 2018/01/14 15:35:39 (permalink)
24 mile fell race this morning/afternoon, over the worst that the Peak District has to offer.... from Marsden near Huddersfield, down to Edale at the start of the Pennine Way in Derbyshire. Wind chill expected to be around -8 on the tops, although it's still too dark to see what conditions are really like.

This one's very tough, but hoping for a pb of somewhere under 5 hours, if I don't get fucking lost.

Turned sports nutrition on its head this morning, by having pasta and chicken as my pre race meal, instead of stuffing as many pork pies as I could manage down down gullet. Although tbf I did have fish, chips and curry sauce last night, followed by half a Terry's chocolate orange.

Do you need to take GPS for these long runs, or is the course clearly laid out and you always run in a group?

You're a mad cunt aren't you?
No, no, and no...!

GPS not allowed in "pure" Fell races. Map and compass is compulsory, and a major thing that sets it apart from normal running. Although in some of the big long distance mountain races you can take gps, and in some it's even compulsory.

The course is not laid out, it's free choice, which is another unique thing. The navigation is not deliberately hard, for example today the three main checkpoints were all mountain tops, but there's a whole raft of route choice, and picking the right route is a big thing.

Whether or not you're in a group depends on the size and distance of the race. Coming off the first climb today I went wrong and a whole group of about 20 people were following me, so they all went wrong! Twats. But when I got onto Bleaklow Moor and Kinder Scout I was pretty much alone.

Today was hard work. Managed 4hrs55 which is a pb by at least 20mins, but I made a couple of hefty errors today. Went a bit wrong coming off the first peak and ended up hacking through some nasty stuff, probably lost 5-10mins, and then made alright hash of getting up onto Kinder Scout and probably lost 15mins fucking about in more horrible terrain. This pretty much wore me down and when I got onto Kinder edge and into the freezing cold headwind, I felt pretty sorry for myself, but ploughed in chasing after sub 5 hours. I'd developed pretty nasty cramp in my calf by this point so on any steep ground I had to make sure I landed on my right foot, as my left could no longer cushion the impact.

Ragged myself going through the Edale valley trying to catch the guy in front. Got to a gate and couldn't get the bloody thing open, I was too exhausted to work the mechanism, ended up climbing over it.

All smiles now though.... just smashed a pasty, a pack of Swedish meatballs, and a jumbo packet of kettle chips.

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